A distinctive executive’s portrait, an elaborate corporate event, a hotel steeped in history,
a noteworthy fundraiser, an enchanted wedding venue, a new product launch….

Hayes & Fisk professional photographers focus on details that artfully capture images for many national and international clients. And creating the perfect portrait requires a passion for art that begins with a trained artist’s eye.

Mary Fisk-Taylor and Jamie Hayes established Hayes & Fisk Photography over 20 years ago with an innovative and fresh approach to creative photography. Their passion for artistry allows them to preserve photographs for individuals, executives, venues, events, and memorable occasions like no one else. They have traveled the world for decades to photograph special events and cherished memories for corporate and private clients.

In their quest to consistently capture the uniqueness of every subject, Hayes & Fisk paints a picture and tells a story with each unique creation. They collaborate with many prestigious clients locally, including:

• The Jefferson Hotel
• Keswick Hotel
• Hermitage Hotel
• Dover Hall Estates
• Mosaic Catering & Event Planners
• Annapolis Waterfront Hotel
• Many other prestigious clients

In addition, Hayes & Fisk works with respected national and international clients such as:

• Coca Cola
• Altria
• The James Beard Foundation

• Owens & Minor
• The American Heart Association


The Hayes & Fisk philosophy is simple, yet powerful. Every portrait is distinctive and deserves devoted attention to detail with artistry and creativity.

And every work of art must be flawless to truly emphasize the true character of the client and the clientele they serve.

• Traditional or contemporary
• Photographs or brush oil portraits
• Individuals, groups, or venues
• Locally, nationally, or internationally

Hayes & Fisk outstanding artistry and world-renowned success has garnered them countless awards and recognition from local, national and international organizations.

Complimentary Consultation

For a complimentary design consultation and the opportunity to work with Mary Fisk-Taylor or Jamie Hayes, please call or email today. Beautiful portraits and creative art magically tell a story and extend a warm welcome to your clientele – and enhance your brand.

Allow Hayes & Fisk to capture images that keep your corporate brand indelibly inked in the minds of your clientele.

And preserve special memories that become historical tributes for a lifetime.